Smart Ass Board Game Will Make You Extremely Popular

The best thing about Smart Ass Game is that its basically just like a trivia type of game however the catch is that it offers you the chance to be able to pick more than one type of clue. I learned about this game when my daughter gave it to me as a present. She said that she had never laughed harder than she has with this game. So what I do?

I decided to play this game at my next party and as it turns out all of my friends completely loved this game so much they kept asking me where did I get it from? Well I got it is a gift! I would say. Anyways there are many good things about this game which I will reveal to you slowly in detail as the articles progresses.

One of my favorite things about Smart Ass Game is that it is short, sweet, and uncomplicated. As compared to playing board games like Monopoly this can be quite a relief. Not everyone can afford to spend eight hours of their day to play a board game, this is usually of course how most Monopoly games end up.

Another reason why I like this game more than a board game like Monopoly is because the stress level is very low with this game. While in Monopoly what is it like? Stress levels go through the roof with people getting into actual real life arguments over a Monopoly game. How’s that for crazy sober reality?

This is what it has come to. Anger seeping out everywhere, at the seams, all over the place. Contain yourselves, constrain yourselves, don’t stress. This isn’t what we were meant for, attacking a fellow man over playing a board game, be peaceful towards your fellow human entity. If you play Smart Ass Game your stress levels will be at your normal level and everyone will stay friends. What an excellent concept for a board game!

I’ll give you a bizarre tip about this game, one thing that a lot people don’t know and I am about to reveal to you a pretty crazy secret about this game. Basically if you play the game backwards and nobody says a word a board game monster will climb out of your wall and hand you ten thousand dollars.

I’ve never personally tried it but you definitely should check it out because that’s some awesome stuff. One other really amazing thing that you can do while playing Smart Ass Board Game is that you can play without the game board all together! Do you think I’m kidding, because I’m actually not. You just use the cards and if you don’t feel like whipping the board out then you don’t have to.

For example if your traveling with Smart Ass Board Game and you don’t necessarily have the room to bring a game board with you, but you can always bring the cards. An easy solution to an otherwise complicated problem. Abstinence is the true savior of our logistics with board games.

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